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Your voice is like honey, it left me feeling warm and calm.

I could listen to your meditations all day long.

Sophie. K

To be completely frank I was sceptical if Reiki would actually help ease the pain I have now endured for a length of time.

The morning after my session with you, was the first morning that I have woke with no pain, or stiffness in my neck in many months. There's no denying it worked.

Christopher. M

As soon as the treatment started I could feel heat radiating out of your hands and into my body, something that I was not anticipating.

Post treatment,  I felt lighter, almost like a physical weight had been lifted off my chest.

Rebecca. A

I can't explain it, there was a noticeable shift- I just felt lighter and happier. Thank you

Amy. N

The Heart Opening Session that I had with you was transformative in a sense that I did not realise just how much I was holding onto, that was essentially holding me back. Thank you for holding me in a safe space for me to be able to release what was no longer needed in order to move forward.

Alana. W