About Me

 Hi and Welcome to Energy Medicine. I am Karamea, Energy Healer and Intuitive Guide.

After becoming a Certified Reiki Master Practioner I have learned and incorporated other healing techniques and modalities to amplify the experience for my clients.  

My true passion in life is to help others, like you, realise their full potential by releasing themselves from any self limiting beliefs that may be holding them back in life. 

I work with my clients through 1:1 sessions in person or online, with my online clients based as far as Victoria, Western Australia, Canada, USA, and the UK. 

When I work with clients I foster a safe space to allow you to fully delve into self, so to explore your old ways, thoughts and belief system. I believe that it is through this self awareness that we grow.

I aim to help you connect to your deepest truths, open and develop your intuitive gifts, and align you with your full potential energetically, emotionally and mentally.

I serve to inspire you to advance yourself, your relationships, and all that you choose to create in life to the next level. Ultimately I want to help you to expand your confidence in being 100% authentically you, so that you can share your unique gifts with the rest of the world.

I am so passionate about Energy Healing and Breathwork as I believe it is aiding society on a global scale to shift into a new consciousness of being, towards a new world that is more loving and supportive; a place where all beings are encouraged to uniquely express their true soul desires. 

If you are interested in working with me click here to read further about my services.

Big love,