Heart Opening Session

Heart Opening Session

During your heart opening session we work with the removing any energetic heart walls and heart blocks that may be present.

What is a Heart-Wall and how can I process and release them?

There may have been numerous occasions throughout your life when you have felt that physical sensation of a heaviness on your chest which could be referred to as “heartache”.

The feeling often occurring after experiencing traumatic, emotional events,   grief, loss, hurt, sorrow, hopelessness, rejection, betrayal, shame, despair, resentment, abandonment, the lost is extensive and goes on.

This feeling of heartache can be so physically and emotionally uncomfortable to bear that it generates the formation of an energetic “wall” that surrounds your heart.

Like all non-physical aspects of the human body, your thoughts, beliefs, memories, and emotions, are all energy, and when we experience intense and unsettling emotions which are hard to process in the moment that they arise, they can get stuck in the body and take on a frequency of their own that can encompass an area of the body where they get lodged.

A Heart-Wall is an energy wall around your heart made up of trapped emotions: When you have a Heart-Wall you begin to experience every aspect of your life through a filter based of these previous stored experiences and associated emotions. This altered “reality” then becomes your the “new normal”, which can then lead to depression, anxiety, self sabotage, self-hurt, doubt, and paranoia, you become withdrawn and feel disconnected from your true self and from those closest to you.

The trapped emotions can also manifest physically, causing neck and shoulder pains, heaviness in the chest, and breathing difficulties.

The Scientific Heart

Scientific discoveries show that your heart is more than just a pump for blood. Your heart is a second brain that greatly influences your overall health and wellbeing, with the heart generating many times more power and electromagnetic energy than your brain, whilst communicating directly with your brain, easily making it the most powerful organ in your body.

Your heart is the core of your being, and the essence of who you really are.

So now knowing all of this you are probably now asking what is the process of Heart Wall Removal?

The Removal Process

To remove the heart walls, I will tune into your body and your higher self, and work on releasing each and every trapped emotions around your heart until they are all gone.

The number of layers of Heart Walls differ for each individual client, they can be very thick, or thin, it all depends on how many layers of emotions it is made of.

I work both in person and remotely, you do not need to be present with me physically.

For both in person and remote sessions I will email you a client questionnaire at the time of booking your session. This will help target any specific areas of concern, and provide information to refer back to upon completion of the session.

Once the Heart-Wall is cleared many people have reported profound changes in their lives.  The changes are often seen in areas of health, both physical and emotional.

I believe that having your Heart-Walls eliminated is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. 

I encourage you to give yourself this gift of freedom and experience the difference.

Most clients book in 3 appointments over a 6 week period with sessions scheduled fortnightly.

If all 3 sessions are booked at once they are charged at a discounted rate 

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