Distance Reiki Session

Distance Reiki Session

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Your Distance Reiki session includes a brief discussion at the commencement of your session, a led recorded meditation, a 30 minute healing session which will see your Chakra system become rebalanced and aligned, and brief discussion to conclude your session. 

Distance Reiki can be carried out over the telephone, online (via Zoom) or by FaceTime. Reiki energy is not bound by time and space in the same way we are. This means that Reiki sessions can be done when you are in a different location to me, please allow 30 minutes for your appointment.

Reiki may help if you are:

  • Struggling with Mood Disorders including Anxiety and Depression;

  • Feeling stressed;

  • Recovery from illness, injury or surgery;

  • Physical Pain;

  • Energetically Drained;

  • Recovering from hard physical training;

  • Looking for a form of self-care.

Prior to the commencement of your treatment we will have an initial discussion to talk through your client booking form and discuss any particular areas you wish to work with.

Post Treatment we will spend time discussing the treatment and I will do an intuitive card pull, as well as provide any messages from your guides that I received throughout the healing,  along with after care advice. 


Please not that during the healing session you may feel sensations, often relaxing, some individuals may experience heat, while others may experience tingling sensations in the hands and/or feet, each individual is different.

At the time of booking your appointment you will receive an email to schedule your appointment time, along with a client questionnaire which will need to be complete and returned, you will also receive instructions on how to create an environment/ setting for the healing session that works best for you, so please ensure you check your email inbox.